- Customers must always get on from the front door and get off from the rear door.
- Customers must show their valid ticket to the staff on board.
- On-board staff must validate the ticket and have the right to sell a ticket to anyone without one.
- Passengers must board and alight from the buses only at the authorised areas and in accordance with the instructions given above.
- It is not allowed to exceed the maximum total number of passengers provided for by the vehicle registration document.

- The ticket is personal and non-transferable and must be kept for the entire period of its validity.
- The customer is required to show the ticket whenever requested by the on-board staff.

- When boarding to the vehicle, the passenger can pick up the headset that must be used for the entire period of validity of the ticket.
- If the passenger uses the bus more than once, as is his right, he will have to reuse the headset delivered at the time of ticket validation. In case of loss, the passenger will have to buy it back from the staff on board at a cost of € 0.50.

- Our fleet is equipped with platforms to allow access to people with disabilities.
- Each bus is equipped with a single seat for the transport of wheelchairs
- All disabled persons with a disability less than 75% will have to pay the full fare according to the age of the passenger; for those with a disability higher than or equal to 75% is granted a free ticket for the disabled person, with a suitable certificate, provided that they are accompanied by a paying person. In case of no certificate, the full fare will be applied.

- Children up to 5 years old travel free of charge, from 6 to 15 years old pay a reduced fare equal to the 50% of the selected ticket.
- Strollers and baby carriages may be kept open in the disabled wheelchair seat, (if present) and when free, only if placed against the gear, leaning against the back of the seat, with the wheels locked by the brakes while driving and with the frame secured with the seat belt. If it is impossible to use the seat, the chassis of the stroller or baby carriage must always be closed and the child must be kept in the arms. In any case, the disabled person has the right use the seat.

- Small pets are allowed on board if muzzled and leashed. In case of no muzzle, the use of a pet carrier is compulsory.
- The owner must make sure that the animal does not create disturbance or damage to other passengers or staff on board, under penalty of damages.
- Guide dogs for blind people are allowed as long as they are on a leash and muzzled. Access to animals on board is free of charge as long as they are accompanied by a paying person.

- Each passenger is allowed to carry one small or medium size luggage (50x30x25).
- The staff on board will indicate the place assigned for storage.

- If the passenger remains standing (for the maximum number allowed by the registration certificate) he/she must hold on to the handles or handrails and not remain on the stairs or near the doors.
- Passengers must maintain a correct and polite behavior and it is therefore absolutely forbidden to
- Smoking (law n°584/75)
- To use the vehicles without validated ticket 
- To throw any object in and from the vehicle
- to disturb other passengers
- to carry out advertising and commercial activities without the company's consent
- Get on the vehicle in a state of drunkenness or under the effect of drugs
- Making unreasonable use of the emergency door opening command
- Standing if there are empty seats
- Consume food or beverages
- Passengers must comply with the instructions of the staff on board concerning the safety and regularity of the service.
- The company will not be responsible for accidents suffered by passengers who have not followed the following instructions.

- Timetables of the service to the public may be subject to changes that will be adequately communicated through the notices to the public
- The company will not be responsible for the consequences resulting from delays or inconveniences that may cause damage to passengers transported for reasons not directly related to the will of the company itself or for sudden or unforeseen deviations of the route due to force majeure.

- The objects found on board the vehicles will be deposited at the headquarters of CS OPEN BUS SRL in Via Torre del Fiscale 43, 00178 RM. For information write to [email protected] with a detailed description of the lost object.

- If you are not satisfied with our services, if you want to report a problem, or if you want to ask for a refund for one of our disservice, please write us to the email [email protected] completing the attached file.

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